Corporate Function Catering

We are engaged in offering corporate catering services. Turn your corporate catering on monthly basis for staff on contract into a new experience with our appealing and tasty food creations. We can supply you with balanced and energizing brain food, supporting you to achieve great business results. Parsha Caterer covers your business catering needs since "time is money", business people organize meetings as a breakfast catering or work through their lunch break or even into the evening. Let us provide you and your associates with "healthy brain food" for good business results as we give you a moment of culinary pleasure making it an experience you and your corporate partners will want to repeat. We offer you a wide selection of dishes menus and snacks.

Our flavorful and balanced meals, finger food and snacks are presented in an attractive, practical and disposable bento style packaging. After enjoying a light and easy digestible meal one can simply place the used dishes and cutlery back in the convenient box, leaving the catering table nice and tidy. Our professional team with many years of experience in the corporate and culinary field is continuously creating global, wholesome compositions suiting a variety of tastes for different times of the day at a competitive price.

Our carefully prepared dishes reflect the fresh and high-quality products we use. In our production site we go further to make sure you receive an outstanding product. In such a fast growing industry we especially foster the contact with our s which reflect on the high quality consistency we receive from them. Purchase and production alone is not enough to assure high standards - logistics is just as important. That is why we have chosen a delivery casing that guarantees cooling and additional safety.